The Fall of Kings

A House Formed

The Story So Far

House Miller, a minor, often forgotten banner house of House Tyrell, found itself in dire straights through most of it’s long and torrid history. Founded by Miller, son of Miller, after a somewhat confusing victory with (or over) a windmill, the House was founded on less than auspicious circumstances. However, House Miller quickly proved itself quite capable, winning several victories over slightly more strategically important targets, before being granted full nobility status by House Tyrell. Other historical notes included a successful intrigue which involved the assassination of another house’s kin for land, a period of fervent fortification, and most amusingly the origin story of the Mad Septon. The Mad Septon was a ruler of House Miller several hundred years ago. He is remembered for building what may have been the largest and most ornate of chantry within The Reach, and perhaps the entire south of Westeros. The High Septon was not amused with the near slavery of the workers who were “conscripted” during the building of the chantry, and forced reparations on the house, among which was the formation of a minor bannerhouse (House Trey) set to “serve” House Miller, but commonly bearing watch over the House’s activities. In more recent history, House Miller has distinguished itself by winning two tournaments in a row, garnering them a invite to the upcoming Tournament of the Roses, being held by House Tyrell. The current head of house, Theric Miller, has sent his only son to participate and hopefully win this tournament, and in the process raise the house from its financial woes.



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